Website Publicity and Ranking

Website Ranking

A website’s ranking in the search engines depends on many things, both to do with the site itself (on  page SEO) and off site actions taken to boost rankings. Most ways of boosting a site’s ranking are covered in the services offered in New Websites and Website Improvements . One other way not covered there is the making a press release. This is a very quick and effective way of ranking a website, when done well.

A Done-For-You Press Release

Getting a monthly done-for-you press release that enhances visibility, reputation and trust of your practice is the quickest way of boosting your site’s ranking and your  reputation. Getting a press release done for you is easy, effective and a big return on a small investment. It will…

  • Prime potential clients by creating more buzz about positive reviews while lessening any damage caused already by negative comments
  • Boost the image and authority of your practice by publishing news or announcements on respected authorative media
  • Get any publications from by your practice broadcast widely building the positive story and image of the practice and priming clients to trust the practice, as well as planting information that some media may pick up and repeat, or call upon the agency for further information, interview or quote.
  • Create high quality links from hundreds of trustworthy brand name TV and radio sites improving the ranking of the practice’s website while also increasing address, website and phone citations which greatly increases prospects of appearing on Google maps in a Search Result.
  • Target many other low to mid competition keywords which will have a cumulative effect in boosting rankings of the practice’s website
  • Get newsworthy items into Google News feed creating some buzz and pushing the site further towards 5 Star rating.


Get a (or a series of) Press Release

You could pay PRWeb $349 for a press release, and then you’d need to either write it or pay someone else to write it.

So, getting a skilled PR writer to do all that FOR you and distribute even more widely than PRWeb to hundreds of the biggest most authorative media for $495 would be a pretty good deal.

BUT, I really want to you to get better ranking with a press release, and SO I am offering you a done for you press release for 60% off – That’s just $198.

AND, because I am beta mode building up this business, I’ll take 50% off that if you refer a practice or business who also wants to increase their ranking and reputation. That means a done-for-you press release for $99

AND, if you do not see improvement in your keyword we will do your press release again.

For just $99! You don’t need to think for long about that. Just “Yes, I Want a Press Release” to with your contact details and we’ll contact you about that.

When you see the improvement from one press release you will be happy to pay $495 for more.

This offer is available for all new accounts for a limited time.