A New or Better Website = More Business

In finding and posting many thousands of dental, surgery and legal practices on many different directories* I saw a high proportion that needed improvement to catch up with what is now essential for a good modern website.


So many have sites that are not easily seen on mobile devices. Given that more than half the searching for the likes of you are done on mobile devices that is literally telling potential clients/patients to go away, for that is what they do when a site is not easy to see on their mobile device.


Also, so many do not have a website. That is surprising. For just $399 I can get you a good looking website, and just one new client/patient is worth a lot more than that. You cannot keep relying on local ads for new business.


I have website developers on hand who are skilled at building professional practice websites.


A new or better website means more clients/patients. I think you know that. Just "I want a website/better website" to noosa@fivestars.us with your contact details and I will talk to you.


A Mobile App = More Business

I have experts on hand to build a custom app for your business. Of course you know about apps, but have you considered how having one for your practice could increase business and improve communication with clients/patients ?