The reporting system I am offering is RepWarn.


If you have not yet thought of a bad reputation or even a bad comment as being a problem you should realise that these are likely to become a the future. Be prepared.

You should think about all the wotifs and just how vulnerable you would be if you lost clients because of getting a bad reputation.


Do you know what is already said about your practice?

If you do not know of all that is said about your practice then I offer you a FREE comprehensive report containing the reviews on all the sites that are relevant to your practice. (The other reports you might see only search the most common sites. This report goes deep in specialty sites) It rates your reputation and tells how you can progress to a 5 star practice. I think you will be amazed. Get your free report NOW.


Do you care about what will be said about your practice?

If you think "no" watch this short 50 second video and see if that changes your mind


If you do care about what has been, is being, or will be said about your practice skip to the presentation below



And I now invite you to a presentation (less than half an hour) that can repay you many times over.


I present Repwarn


Since that video was produced a lite version of RepWarn has been released that you can subscribe to for less than $40 per month You can jump right in and subscribe to either the full or lite version here.


If seeing is believing and you'd rather have a 7 day free trial do that here.


SPECIAL NOTE Because I offer a variety of website improvement, ranking and practice reputation services RepWarn can be included with other services at a substantial discount.