Making responsive for mobiles. More than half of those users who are looking for you will be searching on a mobile or small device. Not having a site that is responsive and easy to use on a small device is literally telling many potential clients to go away. I am here to get you a 5 star reputation and more clients so let’s start with the easiest improvement, your site being responsive.

Then we can make it more engaging so that your visitors will stay longer

There are many other tweaks we can do to optimise your site so that more people find it, and more of them have a good look at it, and choose you rather than a competitor. See what we will do for you.


You do know that about half of your potential new clients look on the net for what is being said about your practice. The very least you can do is to find out what anyone is saying about your practice.

Considering how valuable to you your clients are,  preventing potential clients being turned away by a bad comment or review makes perfectly good sense.

And if you can have a reporting system in place that reports what anyone says about your practice, just as they say it, and not weeks later, or not at all, and for a fraction of the cost of just one new client, and if you cared about building your practice, you would want it, of course.

I am here to help you build and keep a 5 star reputation for your practice and the first step towards managing your reputation is to know what people are saying about your practice.

I offer you this reputation reporting system as that first step. For just $40 per month why would you not want to know what they say about you? Have a look.


Using the client management system above (itself a disruptive technology) as a basis I offer a system to quickly build your reputation with reviews or comments from all of your clients shortly after they have attended your practice.

If you are good at doing what you do the majority of your clients will offer a 5 star review and these 5 star reviews will be used for marketing your 5 star reputation. See how it works here.



The reputation marketing system I offer will take the good 5 star reviews from your clients and widely distribute them across the internet on Facebook in so many ways that it will amaze you. You can see this integrated reputation building and marketing system here.

You can even have a 90 day free try it and like it, or not (after a much reduced set up fee, saving over $2000 on the will-be price) .



A component in my reputation building arsenal is a series of 60 second videos which we produce with spokespersons quoting some of the excellent reviews you have or will be getting. These videos will be widely syndicated on YouTube and many other sites. These videos, currently on beta, are offered at an amazingly low price. You’ll have to see to believe. (maybe even for free)

I can produce other videos intended to improve your site’s ranking at a price that will surprise you. These will be distributed and syndicated widely on YouTube and many other places.



What I am offering here is a game changer in practice management, and I really believe you will find it makes a huge improvement to the way you and the front office interact with clients.

You can read all about it here. A few minutes that may build your 5 star reputation and clientele and streamline your practice. This is the first part of an innovative new system and is now in beta and on a super special for early adopters with big saving on the will-be price.



Getting your site written about and mentioned on hundreds of the biggest and best press and media sites is a very very effective way of boosting your site’s ranking, and that will bring more visitors and clients.

I’ll do that for you, and guarantee an improvement in your site’s ranking for your important keywords. That in turn will lead to an increased clientele and the return will be much greater than it costs. See what I can do for you.

You might think your practice is not particularly newsworthy. So you may be surprised about what you can put in a release. One thing for sure is that any practice that does make a PR will get a big boost compared to all the others that do not. Don’t worry overly about that. I have skilled PR writers on hand who will find something to write about, and do it all for you, excellently.